Monday, May 30, 2011

The Filipino's Pride

The Philippines is blessed with rich natural resources. Unlike other countries, the Philippines has many natural landforms and water forms. The beauty of our country is something that we can be proud of ( The Philippines' Wealth Is every Filipino's Pride).
The Philippines is made up of different Filipino communities with different physical environments. The Philippines is known for its rich natural resources.

                       The Philippines Lands

The Chocolate Hills Of Bohol

The Rice Terraces in Baguio

Palm Oil Plantations

Mayon Volcano

There are are many different land forms of land. In some places the land is smooth. In other places the land is rough. Lands may be flat and level. They may be rough and hilly.


There are flatlands in archipelago. These large flatlands are called "PLAINS". These are more or less level areas. It is very easy to raise crops on plains. It is also easy to build towns and cities on plains.

The largest level lowland in the country is the Central Plain of Luzon. The soil in this plain is very fertile. Most of the land is planted with palay. So the Central plain is popularly known as the Rice Granary of the Philippines.


We can find flatlands that are between mountains. These are called Valleys. 


There are also flatlands that are located in high level areas. We call these Plateaus.(Mindanao, Philippines).


This picture is the highest Mountain in Philippines 

The Mount. Apo it has 10311 feet above sea.
The Philippines is generally mountainous. We have mountains in different parts of the country. Mt.Apo in Mindanao which have seen now in the picture. It is found in Davao. Mt.Pulog in Ifugao, Mt.Province in Luzon is the second highest mountain in the country. Other known mountains that can be found in our country are: Mt.Banahaw in between Laguna and Quezon; Mt.Baco in Occidental Mindoro; M.Halcon in Oriental Mindoro; Mt.Kanlaon in Negros Occidental; and Mt.Bulusan in Sorsogon. These mountains attract many people from several parts of the world.


Another type of highland is the hill. A hill has a height of not more than 152 metres above sea level. It is lower than a mountain.

Chocolate Hills in Bohol

One of the famous groups of hills in the country is the chocolate Hills in Bohol. Philippines also have the Antipolo Hills in Rizal and Aurora Hills in Baguio City.


The Philippines has many volcanoes. Some are active some are not.
Mayon Volcano is the most popular volcano in the country.

It is also well-known around the world for having a nearly perfect cone. Mayon Volcano is in Legaspi, Albay.

Those all you have seen are the pictures of landforms in the Philippines. Each of these is gifts from nature that the people use in providing for their basic needs just like the Rice Granary.